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Harold Owen has composed a modern trio sonata, using forces familiar to Baroque aficionados: alto and tenor recorders with keyboard (harpsichord or piano). Good alternative instruments for the recorder parts could be flute or oboe and violin (or another flute or oboe). CI035; Score & parts, $12.00.
Much of the contemporary music for viols has been composed for consorts of three or more instruments. Martha Bishop, seeking to rectify the lack of modern music for solo viols, has composed a prelude and fugue for solo treble, a "trope" on the In Nomine theme for solo tenor, and a challenging piece (Hijaz) for solo seven-string bass viol. More information in our online catalog under "Contemporary Viol Music:" CI034, $8.00In the fall of 2013, Michael Senturia's vocal group "Coro d'Amici" presented a program of his compositions, many of them written for the group. It was an impressive and moving occasion. Now we have the honor of publishing five of these pieces, for a cappella groups of from 4 to 10 voices. More information under "Contemporary Vocal Music" in the online catalog. CV016, Score: $15.00
Sarah Mead's new composition for five viols (2 trebles, tenor, and 2 basses) combines the timeless In nomine theme with her own fantasia, to give a widely admired piece which is being played shortly in Australia, and was enjoyed at a recent gamba workshop. CC080: Score & parts, $9.00Tobi Szuts has transcribed a second helping of challenging and satisfying music by Froberger: the collection includes a Canzon, two Ricercars, and three Fantasias, one of them on the hexachord. All for viol quartet (clefs for treble, two tenors and bass). VC086, Score and parts: $26.00
Christopher M. Wicks is a composer living in Oregon. These two sonatinas were composed for the doucaine and piano. The doucaine is an early tenor oboe, but its range permits these pieces to be played on tenor or bass recorder, any size viol, viola or cello, or clarinet or bass clarinet. The Piano part can be played on harpsichord or fortepiano if the recorder or viol is used, CI033; score and parts in appropriate clefs: $20.00Little is known of John Moss, except that he succeeded John Jenkins (d. 1678) as a member of the King's Music: the 26 suites of his "Lessons for the Base-[sic] Viol are in French Lute tablature, familiar to most viol players. We are issuing the suites grouped by tuning of the lyra-viol. Volume I includes the four suites with the viol tuned to ffeff, the standard bass gamba tuning: each suite comprises four dances. A separate part contains the "thorough bass," and the score includes the tablature part in staff notation. No page turns for the lyra-viol! VC085A, Score and parts: $21.00
These Eight Preludes and Fugues, although included in the Schmieder catalog of J.S. Bach's works, have been attributed to other composers, including Krebs (father and son). The fugues sound excellent on viols, and we have published them under a provisional title, for viol quartet (treble, tenor, tenor/bass, bass). Find them in the Online Catalog under "Collections" (hint: you may find other composers hiding under this blanket description); VC084: Score & parts, $18.00Mozart (was it Mozart?) composed this duet for bassoon and cello, and it has been arranged for a number of duos: Elizabeth Macdonald has arranged it for two bass viols, together with the famous Duet for viola and cello (and two obbligato eyeglasses) by Beethoven, for the same combination. CL019, Score and parts: $20.00
Brooke Green, winner of the 2013 Traynor competition (Viola da Gamba Society of America) for her composition "The Shades" (VdGSA Edn. T21) makes her PRB debut with "Shades of Presence Past", four movements for viol quartet; CC079: Score & parts, $15.00."...at Mr. [Arnold] Dolmetsch's viol concerts...the most significant feature of the old English music was its identity...with the best music of Brahms." - G.B. Shaw, 1894. There's new interest in arrangements of Brahms' organ chorale preludes among viol players and arrangers this year: our edition of all 11 preludes for 3 to 6 viols is still available after 16 years; VC032: Score and Parts, $32.00
Telemann's Chorale Cantata, "Christus, der ist mein Leben", the fourth in our series of his Danzig Cantatas, is now available, edited by Ann Kersting-Meuleman: B024: Scores & parts, $45.00; Score only, $20; Vocal Score with keyboard reduction, $14Mozart started to compose a number of fugues, but rarely finished them: two (K401 and K402) that were completed by Stadler are very suitable for viol quartet: VC083: Score and Parts, $18.00
The remaining four of Andreas Lidl's 8 Divertimenti for bass viol, viola and continuo are now available: CL011B, edited, and harpsichord part realized, by David Rhodes: Score & parts, $35.00Harold Owen has composed three exciting duets for recorders, one for sopranino and f-bass, one for soprano and tenor, and one for two altos; tuneful and challenging: CC077: Score and Parts, $12.00
Froberger's keyboard compositions have long held a fascination for performers and composers. Their styles, a sometimes surprisingly international blend, are excellent for keeping viol players on their toes. Edited by accomplished scholar and viol player Tobi Szuts, the edition includes two ricercars and five capriccios, all for treble, tr/Tenor, T/Bass, Bass viols: VC082, Score and parts: $26.00 The music of Leonello Capodaglio (b. 1945) has appeared in numerous editions worldwide; his works include three operas, six concertos for soloist and orchestra. These twelve charming solos for recorder or another wind instrument are his debut with PRB: CI032: score, $9.00
The quadrennial Aliénor Composition Competition began in 1982 to encourage composers to write new music for the harpsichord. For the 2012 Anthology, entrants were instructed to use the compositional style of Bartók's Mikrokosmos: Two winning compositions by each of nine composers: CK020, Score, iii + 34 pp: $25.00. For more information look under >Online Catalog>Instrumental & Keyboard Music>"Collections" Continuing her ground-breaking series "Custom Made Music," Belinda Reynolds provides six new works for B-flat Clarinet in her contemporary style: two solo pieces, two duets and two pieces with piano accompaniment. Edited by renowned clarinettist Jeff Anderle, who performs the pieces on the accompanying CD: ED010, Score, piano part, and CD: $19.00
Michael Senturia's second book of "Choral Miniatures" is a Cycle of six pieces for SATB voices on poems by Burns, Browning, Shelley, Rossetti, De La Mare, and Chatterton, to be performed as a whole: duration 14 minutes: CV015, Score: $12.00Barbara Logen follows her recent "Five Dances" with a new set of Songs for Four Viols: five pieces, each in a different vocal style: CC078, Score and parts: $12.00
Robert Jones "Second Book" presents 21 songs and airs for medium voice (Cantus), Seven course Lute, Lyra Viol, and Bass voice. Score includes the original dedication (1601), the complete texts of the songs, notes and commentary...vii + 69 pp. Edited by Ted Conner. Score (with lute and viol music in tablature and staff notation) and parts for Cantus and Bass, and the two instruments in tablature: VC080, $53.00Margaret Panofsky's "Bass Viol Technique" (ED001) went out of print, but her "New Bass Viol Technique" (ED008) is now available, streamlined to vi + 96 pages, with new and revised exercises, for viol players from beginning to advanced. Price...still $40.00
Janine Johnson's Suite in D major has six movements: Prelude (in unmeasured style), Allemande, Canon, Sarabande, Menuet, and Gigue. For harpsichord, in Janine's mellow but astringent contemporary style. CK019: $10.00Viol trios who enjoy struggling with these arrangements of six of J.S. Bach's three part fugues are encouraged to try six of Auguste Klengel's three part canons: they provide entertaining "preludes" for the fugues: CL018: Score and parts, $33.00
New, from Harold Owen, is his recorder quartet "Thirds in Play" in which all four recorders have an exciting time with mellifluous thirds and some less mellifluous intervals. CC076, Score and Parts: $12.00Also by Harold Owen, a duo in three movements for alto recorder and harpsichord (or flute and piano). Moderately difficult; CI031, Score and Part: $12.00
Inspired by the mountain setting, Martha Bishop composed these five fantasias for 2 treble, 2 tenor and bass viols. In 17th Century style with Martha's characteristically spicy touches. Upper intermediate-advanced: CC074; Score and parts: $25.00Alice Renken has edited this new edition, including instrument parts, of the three trios of Matthew Locke's "Flat Consort" for treble viol/violin and two bass ("division") viols. These include some of Locke's most intensely contrapuntal passages, challenging and exciting to play. VC081: Score and parts: $28.00
We were pleased to see, and hear, the new Fretwork CD ('Sublime Discourses': Regent REGCD341) which includes the seven Fantasias and Almaines of Martin Peerson. We published the first complete edition of these twelve years ago (Viol Consort Series VC039: Score & Parts $50; edited by Virginia Brookes)Also on the new Fretwork CD are the Three Fantasias for Five Viols by John Milton (Sr.) "In notes...of linked sweetness long drawn out" to quote Jr. First modern edition published by PRB Productions in 1996, edited by Rita Morey (Score & Parts: $15)
A new set of madrigals by Sigismondo d'India transcribed for 5 viols by Suzanne Court: with text underlay in each part. VC079; score and 5 parts: $35.00. See catalog for other choices. Barbara Logen makes her composing debut with these five dances for intermediate level viol quartet (treble, 2 tenors, bass). Each dance is dedicated to a member of her viol group. The Tango movement can be heard in a fine performance on YouTube. CC075, Score and parts: $10.00
Weelkes' madrigals of six parts 'Apt for the Viols and Voices,' edited by Elizabeth Phillips (VC076) is now available. Score only: $20.00; Score + 6 parts (vocal or viol clefs): $40.00; Score + 9 parts (both clefs): $52Belinda Reynolds continues her "Custom Made Music" with ten short piano solos ranging from intermediate to early advanced level. They are edited, with fingerings, by pianist Teresa McCollough, who also performs them on a demo CD, included with the music book: ED009, Score and CD: $16.00 Cover picture: "The Mariana Trench," watercolor by Susan Black (SusanBlackOnline.com)
Weelkes' madrigals of five and six parts 'Apt for the Viols and Voices' are among the greatest of English madrigals. Here are the 5-part madrigals, edited by Elizabeth Phillips: VC075; Score & parts in alto and treble clefs: $35.00. See under "Weelkes" for details (the 6-part madrigals will appear shortly)Lidl, one of the last composers to write for the viol (before the 20th century revival) shared a generous amount of virtuosity between the bass viola da gamba and the viola in these Divertimentos with keyboard and B.C. Volume 1 has 4 of the 8 trios, edited by David Rhodes: CL011A, Score and parts: $35.00
Dan Becker created the cover as well as the music in this new piece for baroque flute, oboe, violin, bass viol and harpsichord. The title refers to his contention that the manipulation of an existing piece by Telemann to give a minimalist image of itself can create an effective "generational discourse" between past and present: CI030; Score & parts: $20.00. Please order this and all of our editions by e-mail or phone (click on "How to Order")Many of August Klengel's 2 books of 24 Canons and Fugues (1854) are effective and enjoyable as viol consorts. "...a great deal of fun" (The Viol, Summer 2011): here are 2 canons and 7 fugues for viol quartets: CL017, Score and parts: $30.00
Belinda Reynolds adds to her editions we have published with this collection of twelve duets for piano, four hands. Originally composed for 12 individual piano students, each duet is graded from Late Elementary to Intermediate: ED007; Score, including CD of each part and the complete duets: $19.00. Please order this and all of our editions by e-mail or phone (click on "How to Order")Announcing the publication of Janine's Suite in F-sharp Minor for Harpsichord. In the Baroque style, but in her piquant melodic and harmonic manner: CK018, Prelude and five dance movements: Score; $12.00
Michael Edward Edgerton's "Balkan Dances" was commissioned as a "light and jazzy" piece by The Küng Recorder company. Scored for SATB recorders, based on three East European melodies. Listen to excerpts at www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhm-Ri0DQ0k CC073; Score and parts: $14.00Lee Inman's "Three Latin Pieces" for viol quintet (treble, 2 tenors, 2 basses) includes a slow movement recalling the music of Galicia, placed between two dance movements, Tango, and Gamba Rumba Rondo: Party Time Series No. 4; Score & parts: $16.00
San Francisco composer Belinda Reynolds' "CIRCA" (1996), for Baroque flute, Baroque violin, bass viola da gamba and harpsichord, may be heard on Santa Fe New Music CD000513. Score and parts, CI027: $16.00. Cover painting by Sean Friloux Originally composed for violin, bass viola da gamba, and harpsichord (a version we shall also publish), Zachary Wadsworth's "The Muses", for treble, tenor and 2 bass viols was premiered in Berkeley in 2010 by the ensemble Quaver. Each of the 9 movements is "an offering both to each Muse and to the subject she represents". CC072, Score and parts: $23.00
Making her editorial debut, co-publisher Leslie Gold has corrected the host of printer's errors in the 1611 edition of Ravenscroft's collection of rounds, ballad tunes and theater music; now that they can be played and sung, a charming collection of 23 pieces for three to five voices/instruments is revealed. VC077: Score & parts, $28.00; Score only: $15.00The Six Fantasias of Thomas Brewer (b. 1611), for viol quartet (2 trebles, tenor [or bass] and bass; organ ad lib.) are published for the first time in this edition by Virginia Brookes: VC078, Score and parts: $30.00
Janine Johnson's 'Seven Miniatures' for baroque or modern cello and fortepiano or piano: seven short, expressive movements to be played without breaks: Edition CI026; score and part, $10.00California composer Michael Senturia's 'Seven Secular Choral Miniatures' are settings of poems by authors including Keats, Poe and Joyce: Edition CV012; $10.00
From Derek Moore Morgan: another sonata, for Bassoon and Piano, capturing the essence of the bassoon's capricious personality. Two movements: CI025; score & parts, $16.00Franz Xaver Hammer (d. 1817), one of the last virtuosos of the viola da gamba, composed, and used to perform these 5 sonatas, for viol, bass instrument and keyboard: edited by David Rhodes. The sonatas may be heard in excellent performances on a CD, Christophorus CHR 77303. Edition CL008; score & parts $35.00
Harold Owen's "Prelude" for SATB recorders and two viols (tenor and bass) is a companion to his In Nomine Fantasia for the same forces (CC062): Prelude (CC068): Score & parts, $12.00Peter Seibert has collected a new group of recorder quartets (SATB) based on carol tunes from the American tradition, "Brightest and Best": CC067, Score & Parts; $16.00
Continuing our program of re-issuing the editions of the Santa Ynez Press, here are the first two volumes of August Kühnel's Sonatas and Partitas for bass viol(s) and continuo, in George Houle's 1998 edition: Volume I, 3 Sonatas; B054, Score & Parts; $26.00Volume II presents three partitas for 2 bass viols and obbligato B.C. 3 Partitas; B055, Score & Parts; $20.00
Janine Johnson's Tombeau for harpsichord is in three contrasting movements, commemorating the life of a friend: CK017; $10Derek Moore Morgan (d. 2007) wrote this challenging 3-movement sonata in 1979 for George Ermolenko, then concertmaster of the Western Australia Symphony Orchestra: Score & part: $16.00
Completing our series of Madrigals for voices and viols by John Ward are his Songs of Six Parts, edited by Virginia Brookes: VC073; Score & 6 parts, $45.00Shown here is the second volume of Harold Owen's "Art of the Canon" for three recorders (CC065): $12.00 (Vol. 1 (2 recorders, $5) and Vol 3(4 recorders, $10) are also available
Peter Ballinger's Serenata for SATB recorders was enjoyed recently at a West Coast workshop: CC069; Score & parts: $10Peter Ballinger's three movement recorder quintet is presented with each of its five recorder "parts" as complete scores to help with some tricky ensemble issues: CC070; Score and parts: $20
Recently published are two of Giovanni Gabrieli's 8-voice motets, edited by Richard Charteris: This one, suitable for Easter is "Angelus Domini Descendit" B056; vocal score: $5.00Also by Giovanni Gabrieli (ed. Charteris), "Beati Omnes, qui timent Dominum" an 8-voice motet suitable for Vespers: B057; vocal score: $5.00.
Timothy Ariel Walden's Two Sonatas, each of 5 movements, are in the Baroque style familiar to players of the recorder sonatas of Telemann and Handel. Score and parts for recorder and a bass instrument: $20Among the many suites for viols and organ by Hingeston are several for which only the organ part exists. Composer Harold Owen has recreated the parts for 3 and for 4 viols, giving us 8 "new" fantasy-suites, 6 for 2 trebles & bass, 1 for treble, tenor & bass, 1 for 2 trebles & 2 basses. Score & parts, $35.
Johann Christian (The "London") Bach composed this movement for SATB Chorus and chamber orchestra. The music was found by the editor, John Arthur, among manuscripts in the British Library. Previously unknown, the music describes the people's astonishment at the execution of Holofernes by Judith: Score & parts; $17.00Ward's Songs of Five Parts, for viols/voices, ed. Brookes; VC072: Score & Parts: $28.00
Roger Jones composed Zephyr Dance for SSATB recorders for the Monroe Consort; it is a piquant, light-hearted piece of moderate difficulty: CC063; score & parts $12.Although perfectly playable by both hands, Janine Johnson's Études were composed for the right hand only after an accident temporarily immobilized her left hand. They are tuneful, engaging pieces, for harpsichord or piano: CK016; $10.

Harold Owen is a newcomer to our catalog: this Passacaglia was commissioned by the Early Music Ensemble of Peninsula College, Washington. Owen's contrapuntal skills provide a stimulating experience for all four recorders: CC059; score & parts $10California composer Dale Victorine composed this 3-movement Suite for SATB recorders: Score and Parts, $12
Harold Owen's In Nomine Fantasia is our first publication combining recorders and viols: the In Nomine theme is presented in modern rhythmic style as well as its traditional long note cantus firmus; for SATB recorders, tenor and Bass viols: CC062; Score & parts: $12.Towards the end of his life, Carl Nielsen was drawn to early music styles and composed 31 short pieces for organ; here are sixteen of them in an attractive arrangement for viol quartet (treble, 2 tenors, bass): CC061; $12.00 score and parts

Peter Ballinger's In Nomine, for Treble, Treble/Tenor, Tenor and Bass Viols provides an eventful traverse of the ancient theme: CC060; Score and parts, $8.00Browning: the famous 16th century melody in a new setting for four viols by jazz violist and composer Jay Elfenbein: score & parts: $12

Our fourth volume of Jenkins' Newberry Airs, for two treble viols, bass viol and keyboard contains two of his best suites for this combination: VC071: Score and parts, $28.00David Loeb's new duos for two bass viols, "Asian Madrigaletti" commissioned by Kayoko Kambe; in four movements: CC058; 2 playing scores: $8.00

Peter Seibert's new music for 6 viols, (two treble/tenor/bass choirs): one choir (intermediate level) provides the psalm tone: the other choir adds more difficult "commentary":Score & parts: $14 A Partita in three movements, one for alto recorder, one for soprano (tenor ad.lib), the third for tenor (soprano ad lib.); all with harpsichord (intermediate to advanced level): Score & Parts $14

Richard Charteris edits this new edition of Beata es Virgo, for six voices, a cappella: Score $4Seventeenth century composer Pietkin provides two sonatas for three treble instruments, bass viol and B.C., edited by Virginia Brookes: Score and parts, $16

Martha Bishops new Suite, "Dancing Viols" provides three dancing movements, Gamba's Holiday Blues, Arabesque, and Tango In Nomine: Viol Quartet (ttTB); Score & Parts $14Wide-ranging musician and composer, Jay Elfenbein set these five dark and cantankerous poems by John Donne, for Bass or Baritone and Bass Viol. Not for the faint at heart: 2 playing scores, $14

San Francisco's Belinda Reynolds, director of HeShe Music, was commissioned by the Galax Quartet to compose "Envision", a modern interpretation of the Baroque chaconne: CI021, Score & Parts, $16Six pieces for viol quartet arranged from Pachelbel's organ music by George Houle: VC070, Score & Parts, $25
We are pleased to announce the first practical edition of William Lawes' Harp Consorts, 11 consorts for violin, division viol, harp and theorbo, edited by Jane Achtman: VC062: $70 completeHenry Purcell's brother (or cousin) Daniel composed this ode for performance in 1698; this is its first published edition, edited by Richard Charteris: B048: $40 complete
Brooke Green, australian composer, makes her debut with Shades of Presence Past, for viol quartet. Brooke received the Viola da Gamba Society of America's Traynor award and audience prize this year (2013) for her composition "Shades of Shades." One of the four movements of Shades of Presence Past is a version of the winning piece: CC079: Score & parts, $15.00Brahms' music has been getting increasing attention among viol players and arrangers. Our "Brahms for Viols" edition, still available after 16 years, includes arrangements of all of his organ chorale preludes for viol consorts ranging from 3 to 6 parts. "...at Mr. [Arnold] Dolmetsch's viol concerts, the most significant feature of the old English music was its identity...with the best music of Brahms..." - G.B. Shaw, 1894. VC032: Score and Parts, $32.00

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