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Michael Senturia is the composer of a new collection of pieces for a cappella choirs of 4,5, 6 and 10 voices. Based on text by poets including St. Vincent Millay, Longfellow, and Neruda, the collection has the title "Reflections". It will be Michael's third edition published by PRB. June 2014.

From Tobi Szuts comes a second publication of his arrangements of keyboard music by J.J. Froberger for four viols (treble, two tenors, bass), including ricercars, fantasias and a canzon. PRB Edition VC086, Spring 2014.

The viola da gamba and baryton virtuoso Andreas Lidl composed a large number of pieces for viol with another instrument (viola, cello), and we have published several editions of his music. Now comes a two-volume edition (CL012A/B) of his trios for violin and viola da gamba, with cello specified as the basso continuo. As usual, the editor, David Rhodes, provides a simple realization so that the trios (six, each with three movements) can be performed with keyboard (harpsichord or fortepiano) accompaniment. Summer 2014.

Samuel Capricornus (1628-1665) had an unhappy life and most of his compositions, widely admired in his lifetime, are "lost". Survivors include his Passion music "Ein Laemmlein", which requires two sopranos, viol consort and basso continuo. This first modern edition is prepared by Margaret Panofsky, author of our well-known "New Bass Viol Technique" (ED008).

Another composer who bequeathed few works (in his case, only one!) was Francois Roberday (1624-1680). Using some of his own themes, and others given him by contemporaries such as Couperin and Froberger, he put together nine four-part fugues, all but two followed by a thematically linked capriccio. Intended for organ, they were printed in open score, with the composer's suggestion that they might be performed on viols. Elizabeth Macdonald, who arranged the duets by Mozart and
Beethoven for bass viols (CL019, will edit the fugues and capriccios for viol quartet (VC087: Summer 2014)

Not exactly New Editions, but newly possible to hear played, by Fretwork, no less, on the CD "Sublime Discourses", Regent REGCD341: Martin Peerson's 7 Fantasias and Almaines a6, first complete edition published by PRB in 2000, edited by Virginia Brookes (VC039); and John Milton's Three Fantasias for Five Viols, first modern edition published by PRB in 1996, also edited by Virginia Brookes (VC030). See the catalog on this website for full details!

Carel Hacquart: Cantiones Sacrae, ten cantatas for two to five voices, strings, and/or continuo, edited by Pieter Andriessen. To be published separately.

Claude Debussy: Menuet and En Bateau, arranged from his Petite Suite (piano duet) for six viols.



You can hear some of Belinda Reynold's "Custom Made Music" on her new website (http://custommademusic.com/) devoted to this project. She plays the Secondo part in two of her piano duets (PRB Edition ED007), and two of her piano solos can also be heard (ED009). In another segment, she explains the purpose of "Custom Made Music" and introduces a mother-daughter combo to play some of the piano duets.

Lucy Bardo, editor of our edition of Schenck's "Nymphs of the Rhine" (Le Nymphe di Rheno: B036) has just compiled a list (fortunately, very short!) of errata for this edition. Three of the errors were caused by inadvertent migration of clefs, and there were a couple of missed accidentals. Please send us an e-mail request for these errata (PRBPrdns@aol.com). If you purchased a copy of this edition from us since June 2013, all of these corrections will have been made.

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